Copper enamel, which has existed since the 13th century BC, is a process in which ground glass is applied to copper and the two are fused together using a torch or kiln. 

Kathleen has been creating copper enamel jewelry since late 2016. She really enjoys the copper enamel process, and the fact that every piece is created with specific design intentions, but is never exactly the same as another piece. Each one is influenced by the way the sprinkled glass lands, the layout of the wildflowers, or the way the torch flame or length of firing time impacts darkness on the edges. 

A lover of all things Austin, Kathleen is inspired by its creative people, rich landscape, and abundant local food and music, so unique to her hometown. In Kathleen’s copper enamel work, which is usually done with a torch for finer control, you can often find images that reflect the state of Texas in the form of the TX shape, the flag, and wildflowers. You can find these on her hand-stitched bolo ties, necklaces, earrings, Christmas ornaments, and keychains.

Kathleen has added man-made, high-quality Austrian crystals and pearls to her jewelry collection. The shimmer of the crystals and wide variety of colors makes creating jewelry such a pleasure. Most pieces are versatile and can be worn with casual dress or for going out on the town. Light catches the crystal surfaces and creates a colorful sparkle that’s hard not to notice. Even crystals in long hair make their presence known.

And pearls are for all ages and occasions: from single pearls on dangly earrings to full strands that enhance your neck. So simple, yet elegant. 

Kathleen hopes you enjoy her jewelry. Please reach out to her on the Contact page with any questions or comments.